Every year at our Leadership 3.0 Symposium we have had one meeting room set up as a "Mac Lab" and one set as a "Windows Lab."  We schedule hands-on sessions in those rooms.  This year, there have been two interesting developments:

  1. Very few of the presenters who submitted proposals said they required—or even preferred—to present in a lab room.  Our labs are going begging!
  2. In the past, Apple has always loaned us computers for the Mac lab and we've always been able to find a vendor who would loan us machines for the Windows lab.  This year, Apple is still on board but we could not find a vendor to loan as Windows machines.  However, we do have loaned machines for a Chromebook lab!

Are these things a fluke or do they portend something significant?  Any thoughts?


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Comment by Christopher Corpus on February 29, 2012 at 7:34pm

I guess we are still in an either or world (Mac or PC), although it doesn't have to be. What's up with the PC vendors? Are they giving up? I would like to put the Chromebook through the paces.  Competition will bring down prices?  Hope so. Hopefully, all Apps will work across platforms, and the cloud will allow sharing regardless of device.

My point is that in the real world kids would bring in any sort of device with no loyalties, only utility.  Our IT department is trying to wrap their heads around the possibility of allowing any device into our network.  Should it be BYOD? We don't even let kids bring phones or iPod touches to school. Certainly our AUPs would have to change.

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