Concepts must be enough space for them when considering the future of education ..
I spoke in the past about the concept of learning educability and found how it was for this concept is the presence of naturally strong in the beginning of the twentieth century, so has the study of learning to revive primitive level Paramecium and modeled , before they take root philosophy of pragmatism at the hands of Pierce and William James and John Dewey in America . Regardless of what cares about others than they think fit their philosophies , the future of education generally requires attention concepts not as we tend studied with respect to growth, physical somatic, but on the basis of the growth of the attributes and characteristics of cognitive and affective and skill are different and how it will affect these traits and characteristics in shaping character of the individual in the future .
The study also scrutinizing the behavior of the seeds that form the shape and personal style must be under a new concept I need to add to the lexicon of education , a concept unraveling differentiation. Accordingly, the two concepts are:
1 - The concept of psycho-growth.
2 - and the concept of psycho-differentiation .

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