Dubli Network If you're an avid entrepreneur, you've heard from some of the greats from Robert Allen to Ron LeGrande, Mark Victor Hansen and others talking about creating multiple streams of income. It's a great way to diversify your income stream if you have more than one business, or a great way to get out of the single-paycheck rat race by building your revenue stream with different offline and online home business opportunities. I've attended plenty of educational seminars, and one thing I know is that you have to get started with a deep level of commitment. I know so many people who I call "seminar junkies" and all they do is attend all sorts of educational seminars on home business opportunities. They attend with good intentions and leave without making a commitment. Sure they listen, they get stoked and excited and maybe a bit passionate about the topic of actually making money. Quickly, they buy into the opportunity or buy the make money "system" and they think that's it. And, they are emotionally done once the heady champagne high from the seminar is over. Sure, they may glance at their books or tapes or DVDs maybe once or twice and then they make all the excuses to not do the opportunity once the fire in the belly is gone. So what do they do? they look for their next fix from the next ego-boosting and adrenalin-pumping seminar. I agree that educational seminars are great places to hear new ideas, trends and to hear about online business opportunities. While commitment is a key factor, here are six level-headed attributes that I use when considering a business opportunity: There are so many types of business opportunities in the network marketing segment. Some are just downright ridiculous and others like USANA have competent business models and compensation plans. When you consider a business opportunity, sniff it out and while the independent distributor who wants to sign you on maybe sincere, you have to determine if the business model makes sense. Does the product have carrying power? If it's a product or a service, what does it do, how does it fix a problem or fill a public marketplace need. You need to determine if the business opportunity is going to be fun for you. Will you be passionate about it? Is the product or service fun to an enduser? Would you buy the product or service if you're a consumer? Would your friends buy it? Do you think you can be passionate about the product or service to want to sell it replica watches. Remember, if its not fun, it's going to be a short-lived exercise for you. What's the Income Potential that I Can Handle? Of course, anyone working on getting you on their team is going to tell you that the sky's the limit when it comes to the income potential replica watches. You need to run some scenarios to figure out how much you can make in a month with the business opportunity once you are up and running. Is a few thousand dollars per month too little or too much? With every business opportunity, there is always an investment of some kind. Usually you have to pay a fee to buy your way into the vendor's selling team. This fee may buy you marketing support, training, some hand-holding along the way, and access to the vendor's backend systems for ordering. Don't let money be a factor. Would you invest $500, $100 or $3,200 or more into a business opportunity that has the potential to make you thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions? Would you walk away from the potential lifestyle you can have because in your view the investment fee is too high? Besides the initial investment, you need to consider the personal and emotional investment you have to make. Is the opportunity going to cut into your current streams of income. Or, if you only have one stream of income, meaning your paycheck, can you invest 5 to 10 hours a week at a minimum to get the business off the ground and to work it. So make sure that the investment in terms of financial Burberry Outlet, personal and focus is going to be worth it for you. When considering your business opportunity you need to determine does it have a long tail or is the market place so saturated with independent representatives and distributors that you face an uphill challenge. So, you need to do a little bit of research on the company, check out blogs, reviews anything you can find and look at the potential replica watches. Can you actually make money from the business opportunity over the next three years? Or is the product or service going to get so commoditized that you start seeing at Target or K-Mart? Does the Company Show Integrity and is it Easy to Work? You know when someone is trying to sell you something. So use that gauge when you discuss a business opportunity. Just because it makes sense for someone else doesn't mean it makes sense for you. So use your gut instincts and also be open minded to hear the facts. If the person is willing to walk away and doesn't have a need to strong arm you into you making a decision, then consider what they have to say and then decide after thinking it over. Something else to consider is figuring out if the business opportunity is something that you can easily grasp and is easy for others to grasp replica watches, too? You need to figure out how easy is it going to be to work the business. By easy, I don't mean that all you have to do is join and that you are instantly getting orders for the product or service. If it were that easy, no one would be asking you to join. So, when you are talking to someone who is looking to recruit you onto their team find out what does the business entail. Do you have to stock product? Do you have to host parties or host conference calls? Are you savvy enough to do the social media networking, create PPC campaigns and create and send email blasts and create capture pages. All those are tools that will make it easier for you to sell the product or service. And, if you don't know any of that new fangle, then you need to find out if the team you are going to join offer those services or how you can learn to do so. So while 5-10 hours per week may seem like a little or too much time for some budding entrepreneurs, in reality for building a business opportunity, full immersion may be required for the first month or two or three months and that may mean double that investment time so that you can set that business onto an autopilot as some vendors have set up autoship systems for their products and services. So I used my sniff test when I joined the Dubli network team as a Gold member. After doing my due diligence research, I found that the online business opportunity is so huge with Dubli that it made perfect sense as an additional business opportunity that I can add to my multiple streams of income. What I found was that the Dubli's business model is great, and here's why: I joined the team that industry gurus such as Jeff Kaller and Ron LeGrande are part of. It's the coolest online shopping auction site and there's no product to stock; no inventory to watch over. Check out more about how the Dubli business opportunity can make real financial sense to your current streams of income.

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