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OER Summit: Sneak Preview

For those of you who are members of Admin 2.0 and stumble across my blog, here is a "scoop":  the Leadership 3.0 Symposium is going to include a special OER Summit. In the morning, you can attend "OER 101."  In the afternoon, take a "Deep Dive" into OER.  You can register for either the morning or afternoon—or both at a reduced rate.  More information will follow shortly!

The OER Summit is generously…


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Mobile Technologies for Learning: Done!

The Mobile Technologies for Learning mind map is finally done—or at least as "done" as anything ever is these days.  It looks at planning and implementation issues, apps, devices, uses, and sample policies.  There are lots of great resources, many contributed by TICAL cadre members, and a succinct and scintillating overview by yours truly.

Take a look!

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When technology fails us

I love technology, but sometimes it can be so frustrating!  I spent hours creating some beautiful charts and graphs in a PowerPoint presentation to share at the TICAL Advisory meeting today.  I uploaded the file ahead of time to Adobe Connect.  My turn on the agenda came and I launched my presentation, all set to proudly show my creation.  Instead of pride I got chagrin.  None of the graphs showed up.  I shared a series of slides blank but for a title at the top, adding a verbal description…


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Mobile Technologies and Learning

Months ago, TICAL cadre members and I started putting together a mind map about mobile technologies and learning.  As happens with many projects, we got a lot accomplished at first but, before we were done, the project stalled as our attentions were pulled elsewhere.

Finally, we've got some momentum going again.  I've been working on it most of the day and, while there are some finishing touches yet to be made, it's nearly finished—or as finished as anything ever is these days. …


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Developing World Class Learners

ISTE's Special Interest Group for Administrators (SIGAdmin) sponsors an annual book study,  This year, the group selected World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students, by Dr. Yong Zhao.  After we'd finished reading and discussing the book, Dr. Zhao was kind enough to join us for a live question and answer session. 

Here's a sampling of questions posed to Dr. Zhao:

  • Are there any tests, current or future, that have any validity in improving…

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Education Technology Guidance

Yesterday, I received an email from an aspiring administrator with the subject line “Education technology guidance.”  He wrote that as the “closest thing my school currently has to an Education Technologist,” he’s been tasked with writing a grant proposal for funding to help his school implement a blended learning environment.  He described his dilemma as follows... read more at Tblogical.

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You're invited! Q & A with Yong Zhao

This coming Monday, April 22, we're having the culminating activity of our ISTE SIGAdmin book study: Q & A with Yong Zhao, author of the book we read and discussed together, World Class Learners.

Everyone here in the TICAL Community is invited to join us.  Even if you have not read the book, you're sure to find the conversation interesting.

Time: 12 Noon, Pacific Standard Time



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Leadership 3.0 - It happened!

Leadership 3.0 took place April 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency Irvine.  It was a great success in so many ways.  First and foremost, for the first time since the Symposium began 6 years ago, we had no issues with the Internet.  Wireless connectivity worked very well throughout the three days we were at the Hyatt.  What a difference from previous years!  In the past it has been very frustrating trying to hold a technology meeting and not having reliable and fast connectivity.  Kudos to…


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Leadership 3.0 about to happen -- Again!

It's hard to believe but the sixth annual Leadership 3.0 Symposium is about to begin.  When we held our first symposium in Burlingame, we had high hopes yet we could not know how well it would be received.  Here we are in Irvine for Leadership 3.0 2013.  Amazing.

See what we have to offer.  Like what you see?  There's still time to register!

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Leadership 3.0 Program Announced

The Leadership 3.0 Symposium is coming up April 11–13, 2013 in Irvine, California, and now you can see exactly what will be offered.  Descriptions of concurrent sessions, keynote speakers, and workshops are available on line at www.lead3.orgTake a…


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Personalizing Math Problems

Yesterday I read that "Researchers at Southern Methodist University have found that personalizing algebra word problems to students' interests can improve their performance."  It made me think of one of my earliest applications of technology to education.

I was teaching fifth grade and would create dittos with word problems that used my students' interests and names.  I thought I was was putting learning theory into…


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New Banner for Leadership 3.0

Wow, we have a great new banner for our Leadership 3.0 website, thanks to Cori Kesler.  Take a look!


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End of One Chapter, Beginning of Another

The 2012 Leadership 3.0 Symposium is a over but, one hopes, not forgotten!  Videos of Alan November's keynote talk and other speakers are now posted and we continue to add presenter handouts here in Admin 2.0.  Check them out!  Add your thoughts to the discussions.


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November Take-Aways

At our luncheon today, Alan November had a lot of good things to say.  I want to capture at least a few before I forget what he said (or what I heard).  Disclaimer: you will see no quotation marks below.  That's because I'm not attempting to quote; these are my personal recollections.

  • We need to get the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Relationships matter.  Worry about them before you worry about the technology.
  • Is technology,…

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We're Here in San Mateo!

We're here in beautiful, not-so-downtown, San Mateo.  The 2012 Leadership 3.0 Symposium is underway.  Whew!  Lots of technical challenges today, but that seems to be par for the course.  Hotels just have a heck of a time dealing with our event—so many people using some many WiFi connected devices at the same time.  We warn and inform them ahead of time in as much detail as we can possibly manage, and we get assurance after assurance: "No problem; we can handle it."

Then people…


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Where Have All the Windows Gone?

Every year at our Leadership 3.0 Symposium we have had one meeting room set up as a "Mac Lab" and one set as a "Windows Lab."  We schedule hands-on sessions in those rooms.  This year, there have been two interesting developments:

  1. Very few of the presenters who submitted proposals said they required—or even preferred—to present in a lab room.  Our labs are going begging!
  2. In the past, Apple has always loaned us computers…

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