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Discovering and Curating High Quality Apps, Websites, and Games for Learning

This event was in continuation with the previous event "Making a Better World: Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12".

There were loads of new and amazing resources shared. 

Skills of the 21st Century Teacher : Discover, Evaluate,…


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Making a Better World: Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12

Digital Citizenship

I never had an idea of this sort. When I heard digital citizenship ... I was like ... WHAT ??? What is that ? Then I thought may be just to be techno-savvy means "Digital Citizenship" ! But but but ... when Kelly Mendoza started throwing light on the concept ... it was very much precious knowledge and information. It is all about spreading awareness among teachers, students and parents about the pros and cons of technology, media,…


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Using Theatre to Illuminate Core Subject Matter

This was one of my interests ! Though I am a mathematician, I also have a heart beating for drama and theatre. 

I have worked with students to put up a skit on geometrical shapes ... and this session made me recall my memories. Also, we discussed about how we can integrate all the core subjects in the production of a play. 

Actually, yes we can surely make the subject more interesting using theatre arts in the classroom or using the subject matter into theatre…


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Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

Digital Leadership

This was one of the biggest events among the ones I attended. I was very much fantasized about the new title of Eric’s book “Digital Leadership” … the day it was published. I already asked the Librarian of my school to buy at least one copy but it isn’t available yet in Indian markets.

I learnt a lot through the new discoveries of digital education. Innovative Learning opened up new horizons at my school through Independent OpenCourseware (IOCS). Free…


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Discovering and Curating High Quality Apps, Websites, and Games for Learning - Friday, 28th March

This session was really helpful. I'm very interested in finding out more and more ways of engaging students and catching their attention; the apps, websites and the games presented in this session will definitely help me activate my students and they will make the lesson more attractive and less boring. 

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Edmodo – An Asynchronous Métier

Through this session I was able to find out about a new teaching platform - Edmondo. The advantages of using it were very nicely explained by the presenter and I've started exploring it. I think it will really help the process of teaching - learning as it resembles up to a point to a social network. 

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Students as Producers of Content, Not Merely Consumers

A very useful session that enriched my digital tools knowledge, being thus able to use various digital tools in order to teach students. The suggestions given by the presenter were indeed of help. I understood the importance of giving students the possibility of choosing their own topic when writing. I will definitely apply it in my class. 

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Broadening Differentiation In Teaching and Learning

A lot has been said about the different types of learning styles, namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Every effective learning and teaching experience has been designed to meet the three different styles. Differentiation is however increasingly getting broader as various extrinsic factors come into play as major contributors to the way a learner learns.

Emotional and social issues are undeniably playing a major role in the way a learner prepares herself or himself to learn. And…


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