2014 School Leadership Summit


Welcome to the 2014 School Leadership Summit. Important links are in the box to the right. Information and schedule links are below. 

Special Announcements:

  • The 4pm US-PDT special distinguished speaker presentation by Dr. Bill Brennan for Wednesday evening has been cancelled due to a family emergency. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Attending the Summit

The Summit is free to attend, using the links at the bottom of this page to enter through your time zone. Please consider registering at this site so we can keep you updated with any information or instructions, but you do not need to be registered (or to have your registration confirmed) in order to attend any sessions.

Webinar Platform:

The sessions are being held in Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate), and can be accessed live from any personal computer. 

To check that your computer is ready for Blackboard Collaborate, please click here. "Step 1" will indicate if you have a version of Java that is compatible, and then "Step 2" lets you actually go into a test session. We encourage you to do this in advance of the conference. If you have any difficulties, you can check the Collaborate Help FAQ and then ask for help in the WeCollaborate.com user community.

Conference Schedule:

The links below are to Google calendar listings of the conference sessions in each of the world's time zones, specifically for March 27th, 2014 (March 28th in some parts of the world). Select your time zone and click on its blue link to the left of the cities listed. The conference schedule should load on this page and you should be able to see all sessions in YOUR time zone.

While we have tried to adjust for Daylight Savings changes in different countries, please double check to make sure the time clock on your time zone page matches your current time. 

You can use the link at the bottom of any of the individual calendar pages to bring the events into Google Calendar if you use it.

Attending a Session:

In the Summit schedule page for your time zone, you should be able to see all sessions in your time. To quickly locate a session, search the page by using Control+F (Command+F on a Mac). 

Click on the session title to expand the session information. Each session will have a live Blackboard Collaborate link (added the day before the conference begins). On the day of the conference, you will then be able click this link to enter the live room.

The following documents (thanks to Jason Borgen!) guides you through joining a session:  Session Joining Instructions


Session recordings will be posted almost immediately after a session is completed. Look to the conference menu for a link to the recordings page.

To continue correspondence with a session presenter and attendees, look for the presentation discussion post here.

Schedule Pages by Time Zone:

Compare your time to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to determine your viewing time zone. The current GMT time and date are:


Click on the time zone link on the left to get to your schedule page.

GMT - 11
GMT - 10 US Hawaiian Standard Time, Honolulu
GMT - 9
GMT - 8 US Alaska Daylight Time, Anchorage
GMT - 7 US Pacific Daylight Time, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Vancouver
GMT - 6 US Mountain Daylight Time, Denver, Salt Lake City, Calgary, Edmonton, Guatemala, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, Mangua
GMT - 5 US Central Daylight Time, Houston, Minneapolis, Mexico City, New Orleans, Chicago, Lima, Kingston, Bogata, Winnipeg
GMT - 4:30 Caracas
GMT - 4 US Eastern Daylight Time, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Columbus, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Washington (DC), Toronto, Nassau, Ottawa, Montreal, Havana, Santo Domingo, La Paz, San Juan, Asuncion
GMT - 3 Santiago Daylight Time, Halifax Daylight Time, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
GMT - 2
GMT - 1
GMT + 0 Greenwich Mean Time, Reykjavik, Accra
GMT + 1 London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casa Blanca, Algiers, Lagos, Kinshasa, Zagreb, Vienna, Stockholm, Budapest, Belgrade, Warsaw
GMT + 2 Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Harare, Cairo
GMT + 3 Sofia, Athens, Tallinn, Helsinki, Bucharest, Minsk, Istanbul, Kyiv, Khartoum, Ankara, Jerusalem, Beirut, Amman Daylight Time, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam, Baghdad, Riyadh, Antananarivo, Kuwait City, Doha
GMT + 4 Moscow, Dubai
GMT + 4:30 Tehran Daylight Time, Kabul
GMT + 5 Karachi, Tashkent, Islamabad, Lahore
GMT + 5:30 Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata
GMT + 5:45 Kathmandu
GMT + 6 Almaty, Dhaka
GMT + 6:30 Yangon
GMT + 7 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
GMT + 8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing, Manila, Shanghai, Taipei
GMT + 9 Seoul, Tokyo
GMT + 9:30 Darwin, Adelaide
GMT + 10 Brisbaine, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney
GMT + 10:30
GMT + 11
GMT + 12 Anadyr, Suva, Auckland
GMT + 13
GMT + 14 Kiritimati


Conference Kudos

  • This summit has allowed me to hear a wide variety of topics/presenters that I would never have had an opportunity too.
    -Kristin Gunson
    Eugene, Oregon
  • GREAT interaction among participants...highly thought provoking presentations thus far that have facilitated that interaction!
    -Cynthia Cornwell
  • Great conference. Love the format, the tools, the sharing. I never stop learning from these events and how simple Steve and others make this seem.
    -Randy LaBonte
    Victoria, Canada
  • If you ever wish to become an innovative leader, educator and one of the most influential person in your life, community and way beyond the magazine, this conference is just the gate to that! Am happy to have been part of it since its invention!
    -Ibrahim Bahati
    Kampala, Uganda

For all conference kudos click here.

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