Conference Kudos

Conference Kudos from the 2014 School Leadership Summit
  • Change just one thing.
    -Kari Kuebler
    Virginia, USA
  • A model of future professional development.
    -Dana Nistor
    Concordia, KS
  • Excellent!
    -Dejan Kreculj
  • Excellent, as usual. Thanks, Steve!
    -Shayne Train
    Toronto, Canada
  • Excellent, except that I had to miss many of Thursday's sessions as I was teaching.
    -Shayne Train
    Toronto, Canada
  • Great
    -Dr.Hani Ezeldin
    Saudi Arabia
  • Great conference. Love the format, the tools, the sharing. I never stop learning from these events and how simple Steve and others make this seem.
    -Randy LaBonte
    Victoria, Canada
  • GREAT interaction among participants...highly thought provoking presentations thus far that have facilitated that interaction!
    -Cynthia Cornwell
  • Great learning experience to rediscover the Leader in me !
  • Great learning experience.
  • Great!
    -Dr. Felicia Vaughn
  • I learned about the conference on Twitter. Looking forward to more great sessions!
    -Lisa Davis
  • I like having the keynotes the day before the conference begins.
    -Annette Whitby
  • If you ever wish to become an innovative leader, educator and one of the most influential person in your life, community and way beyond the magazine, this conference is just the gate to that! Am happy to have been part of it since its invention!
    -Ibrahim Bahati
    Kampala, Uganda
  • Interesting
  • It has been an amazing conference - I love learning with people all over the world!
    -Lisa Newhall
  • It was vocal and easily understandable
  • It's awesome!
    Goldsboro, NC USA
  • It's really exciting to tune in to this PD opportunity and still be in my building where I can be available as needed.
    -Alexandra Anderson
    Manassas, VA
  • Looking forward to learning great new things tomorrow!
    -Lisa Newhall
  • LOVE it!
    Virginia US
  • Many good topics to chose from. So far great.
    -Matthew Rosenberg
    Portland, Oregon
  • Most inspiring minds that the world shelves have found a haven here. The greatest bit of this conference is; it's free and participatory (full of autonomy) and time reserving for one to hatch from them. The world will never regret this indeed!
    -Ibrahim Bahati
    Kampala, Uganda
  • So far So Good
    -Rhonda Doyle
  • So far, so good - was unable to get linked into my first session. Hoping to watch the recorded version.
    Morehead KY (USA)
  • So glad it is happening and is so accessible!
    -Jen Wyld
    Oregon, USA
  • The conference is awesome. But I think that Blackboard Collaborate is a horrible system if you're on a Mac. WAY too complicated just to enter a session and learn... Ugh.
    -Scott McLeod
    Ames, Iowa
  • This conference is outstanding. I also attended last year...I love it!
    -Michelle Snow
    Ohio, USA
  • This summit has allowed me to hear a wide variety of topics/presenters that I would never have had an opportunity too.
    -kristin gunson
    Eugene, Oregon
  • Very useful so far.
    -Alina Orasan
  • Will had a lot of information to be given to everyone.
    -Toni Olivieri-Barton
  • Yay!
    -Jen Wyld
    Oregon, USA

Conference Kudos from the 2013 School Leadership Summit
  • "A model of future professional development."
  • "There were so many wonderful sessions I wanted to attend, but couldn't due to a full day. I am so excited that I am able to look at some recorded sessions. The continuous sessions through different times of the day was pretty awesome. I'm so glad I was on the mailing list for this opportunity. I shared with a few of my tech savvy colleagues."
  • "Very forward thinking and providing leadership that is sorely needed."
  • "This is fantastic...not getting much work done."  
  • "Conference is great.  When's the next one?"
  • "Fabulous learning opportunity for the country! Provides a virtcon expereince and nationally known presenters at no cost to the attendee, what a gift! Thank you! "
  • "Fantastic! Not just for administrators though!"
  • "Love learning from national and international experts in the field right from my desk! Thank you!!"
  • "The terrific variety and scope of online conferencing is proof that education is undergoing fundamental shifts...for the better. Kudos to all the presenters, and to Steve Hargadon for blazing trails forward to better, more equitable and exciting education for all."
  • "Excellent; superb; fantastic - and that is just the beginning."
  • "Really enjoying the conference.  How cool is this!!"
  • "This is an awesome way to attend a conference!! Thank you!!"
  • "Simply excellent."
  • "Really enjoying it. Great learning. Great selection. Wonderful new connections."
  • "Love the conference! Way better than expected. Love the freedom and the knowledge that the recordings are available for the ones I couldn't get to. Not good enough to just watch the recordings, though, the collaboration with other attendees in the Chat Box is not to be missed!"
  • "This is an excellent opportunity to engage in high quality, connected learning."
  • "Fabulous!"
  • "What a wonderful way to connect the school community around the world around important issues."
  • "It's been an intense, but gratifying and exciting day of learning and building knowledge capital! I have been in sessions since the beginning of the conference. This is too great and free none the less! PLEASE KEEP DOING THIS!"
  • "Great Conference!"
  • "Please do this again next year. A fantastic opportunity."
  • "Cannot wait until 2014!"
  • "This was a very user-friendly, comfortable, accessible, and cost-effective way for adult learners to learn virtually.  "Let's do this again :-)"
  • "This was one of the best Summit/Conferences I have participated in. Please have another one this year! Thank you very much. I will definitely recruit more people for the next one and also try to have this available in classrooms for teachers to participate in."
  • "A massive learning/social capital day!"

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