Welcome to the discussion thread for the pre-conference hands-on workshop on Web 2.0 storytelling. You can view the online agenda and supporting links by going to http://sjbrooks-young.com/id190.html.

The handout is attached to this message.

See you soon!

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Susan: Your handout looks good!

I wanted to share some positive news from our wiki workshop last Saturday. I've heard several positive comments concerning how much the participants enjoyed and benefitted from the workshop. I did a presentation on Monday evening, and one of my participants was also a participant in the wiki training on Saturday. She stated that she felt so much more comfortable with using pbwiki than she did with the previous wiki development tool that we used during our first class. She stated that she planned on using pbwiki in her classroom for art history.

Thanks for a productive workshop. I hope your return trip home was a pleasant one.
Hi Marsha,

I'm excited about this workshop. I think the participants will have a lot of fun. Hope you'll be joining us. You'll be familiar with BubbleShare and Slide, but we'll be using some other tools that should be new to you.

Thank you so much for the feedback on Saturday's workshop. I thought that folks walked away feeling they really could build and sustain a wiki. It's great that you're hearing the same thing after the fact.

I'm looking forward to wiki fair and the Web 2.0 sandbox in April.

My trip home was great. We left Little Rock a bit late, but I made my connection in Chicago and it was all good.
I really enjoyed David Warlick. I heard a number of positive comments about his speech.
Excellent! David can be a lot of fun to listen to. I hear the rest of the conference went really well, too. You guys all do a great job!


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