We all need to base our decisions on good input.  Google forms provides us with a way to gather that input.  If you have used Google forms in your job, let us know how and what the results were.  Below is the pdf of a presentation on Google forms that I delivered at the Google Apps Education Summit in Prague, Czech Republic. It has some helpful hints about Google forms:


Below is a url of some Google form templates.  Once you reach the template page, type "forms" into the search box to see some already created templates.


I hope this helps.  Let me know how you have used Google forms in your schools.

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Hi Rowland,

I regularly use Google Forms with educators. Before a workshop, I will send out a brief survey to gather information about my audience and ensure that the activities I have planned are on target. I'll also sometimes use a Google Form survey as evaluation.

In many workshops I ask participants to develop a technology-supported lesson plan. These are captured in a Google Form that has a script that emails a copy of tje submitted form to the author and to me. I can then post the lesson plans on a wiki for all participants to review. Here's a link: http://tinyurl.com/9htx2hb.

Good idea Susan. This is a great way to really tailor the trainings to meet your audience's needs.


Our administrator team at Harrisburg Middle School in Harrisburg, Arkansas uses Google Forms for tracking student discipline.  We have thrown out the paper discipline forms and we have created Google Forms.  Each teacher has desktop icons or icons on their tablet or phone that have links to the forms.  Whenever a student requires a referral the teacher fills out the form and the information is collected in a spreadsheet controlled by the dean of students.  Each class period the dean checks the associated spreadsheet that the form populates and takes care of the problem.  Learn more about these and other uses for forms in my new book from Corwin: Google Apps for Education Meets Common Core due out in March 2013. 

To see some other uses of Google Forms and some example forms we use visit www.21learning.net or just click these froms here and make a copy.

Anonymous Bullying Report
Request a Conference With the Dean or Principal
Computer Repair Request
Google Account Help
Counselor Request for Appointment Form
Schedule Change Request

Nominate Fellow Student for Excellence in Citizenship
Students’ Choice Teacher of Excellence Nomination
Self Report on Misbehavior

These are all great, Michael.  Definitely helps to create a paperless and data-driven culture!


Thanks for responding on your use of google forms.  I can't wait to check these resources out.



Just curious, have you had any students submit on the self report for misbehavior.  I think it is an outstanding idea that may just get some results.


Our school district has a CDE Significant Disproportionality finding and we need to survey all teachers in the district as part of our needs assessment. We're using Google forms for the survey.

Jeanine Robertson
Charter Oak USD


Great!  Is there a reason why Google Forms as opposed to Survey Monkey or other services?  Are teachers using Google Forms in their classroom at all?  There is a great service that works with Google Forms called Flubaroo that automates grading!  Very cool.

Jason, the reason to use Google Forms as opposed to other software is because it is tied directly to the users Google Account. At our school we are a Google Apps for Education district. Every student and teacher has access to all of these tools with one easy sign on. Plus all data gathered by the form is directly tied to a Google Spreadsheet for easy manipulation anywhere the user connects to the Internet. Data is easily shared across the Google platform because everyone in the district has the same software (Google Docs). Google Docs are device neutral also. It does not matter if your using an Android, iPad, Mac or PC all it takes to access and create the data is an Internet connection.
We have tried to use google forms for our student incentive program. This way every teacher can look and see the most current level that the student is on, how many PAWS bucks they have as well as how many fines they have. We are having a little trouble with the google form doing all that we need it to do, but are working out the kinks. It is going to be a great use of google forms when we get it mastered!

Great idea Amanda.  How creative and puts it in a positive mode.


Google Forms make a good deal of sense; indeed given the immense amount of worksheets my son brings home every week shows a need to expand that horizon online as well.  In addition to the Google Forms discussed here, I would like to add "Google Education" to this discussion.  In addition to creating virtual classrooms for their students, educators may develop virtual portfolios and use a wide array of Google Education Tools (my son loves "SketchUp" for example, having built several virtual houses, a baseball field, etc.). I discussed some of these tools during my presentation "Escaping Penitentiaries of Boredom" during EVO13.

Hopefully my presentation will be approved for this conference, and I will share these ideas (and others with you) during this year's School Leadership Summit at the end of March.


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