What are some really great uses of technology in the Classroom?

I am looking for some great uses of technology in the classroom that seems to be making a difference.  If you have seen something, or have a heard about a program, let me know.

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I assume you will be including LEC -- that leadership program made and will make a big difference in the schools and districts.  Showing parts of a really good portfolio would be impressive.

Hi Rowland:

Oxnard Union High School District has completed a high density wifi in every classroom that will allow students to bring their own devices (BYOD). Students and staff will be able to access the new Learning Management System (LMS) course content from teachers while teachers are able to connect through an online PLC platform for grade level collaboration. At the end of summer we will have 50 teachers who will complete the Leading Edge Certification program and then function as teacher leaders by department. This will be an exciting year for our students and teachers experimenting with cutting edge technology.

Gabe Soumakian,


Access to Learning through Online Education (ALOE) is an OTAN project that funded ten agencies in  2012-13 to increase the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of online instruction for adult learners. This provided a jump start for many administrators who were interested in providing online classes, but didn't know how to get started. Sites used the funds to meet the needs of their student population from leveraging NROC content, creating new content, and/or providing focused training for staff in setting up and facilitating online classes. Student feedback has been very positive. We are still analyzing pre/post test data, but preliminary results look promising. The project is being extended one more year due to its popularity.

I'm one of the professional development providers for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) grant program sponsored by the Verizon Foundation that is beginning its second year. Individual schools that are implementing some type of mobile device initiative (using hardware provided by the school or BYOT) are awarded two years of face-to-face and online professional development to support the initiative. Findings from year 1 are promising. For example, there is a definite shift from teacher-centered to student-centered learning and that students' attitudes toward math and science courses are more positive. The program now consists of 24 schools in two cohorts of 12 each and is funded through June 2015.

Brain Pop is something I used all year in the classroom. It is easy to use, kid friendly and gives you a wider variety of subject content. It also provides a plethora of connected activities to the main instructional videos. Kids started accessing it from home and on their iPads also. The Brain Pop model is something that should be more further developed along with training in the use of it.


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