Your Name and Title: Kate Scarpena, Assistant Academic Chair for the Humanities and Social Sciences Departments

School or Organization Name: Kaplan University, School of General Education

Co-Presenter Name(s): Kira Shank, Professor of Professional Studies; Sheryl Bone, Professor of Composition, Celine Santiago-Bass, Chair of Science Department, Michelle Lis, Assistant Chair of the Math Department.

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: U.S.

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Higher Education, Faculty and Adminstration

Short Session Description (one line): Student Outreach: the who, what, when, where, and why!  

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):


Student Outreach: the who, what, when, where, and why!  


Keywords: PEAK, outreach, student engagement, targeted classroom measures.


In a changing educational world teaching and learning have both transformed along with the educational process. While these components work in parallel, they are interconnected and important to overall student success. As learners take on new characteristics, teachers adapt and incorporate new measures. One critical area where both faculty and administration can cooperate to increase student success is through outreach. This presentation will discuss measures being taken in a School of General Education at the departmental and classrooms levels to ensure students are engaged and active during the term. Research demonstrates that student engagement is key to student success, and as such, outreach is a critical component (Coates, 2005; Quaye & Harper, 2014; Robinson & Hullinger, 2008; Zhao &Kuh, 2004). We will present the “who, what, when, where, and why” of outreach and chart a path to help all students reach their best potential using the “PEAK” method.




Coates, H. (2005). The value of student engagement for higher education quality assurance. Quality in Higher Education11(1), 25-36.

Quaye, S. J., & Harper, S. R. (Eds.). (2014). Student engagement in higher education: Theoretical perspectives and practical approaches for diverse populations. Routledge.


Robinson, C. C., & Hullinger, H. (2008). New benchmarks in higher education: Student engagement in online learning. Journal of Education for Business,84(2), 101-109.


Zhao, C. M., & Kuh, G. D. (2004). Adding value: Learning communities and student engagement. Research in Higher Education45(2), 115-138.

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