Your Name and Title: Dr.Hani Hamed Ezeldin

School or Organization Name: Aljouf University ,Deanship of the preparatory year 

Co-Presenter Name(s):EDEX

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:Saudi Arabia

Language in Which You Will Present:English

Target Audience(s):"ProfLearn"

Short Session Description (one line):How to improve  strategic  Learning in new  World & how to engage Quality in this process 

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Work with a small group of teachers to set the stage for powerful student learning through the interaction of the ongoing assessment of students’ success with a cluster of curriculum expectations and the demonstration of the learning skills, and the development of positive classroom dynamics in the mathematics classroom.

 Using the flow chart, “Classroom Dynamics for Powerful Learning – Within a Professional Learning Cycle” work through the eight steps included in Plan, Act, Observe, and Reflect.

Establish the Classroom Dynamics strategy focus.

-   After selecting a cluster of curriculum expectations for a unit of study, examine data/evidence to anticipate areas of student need regarding “Learning Skills and Work Habits” (Growing Success, 2010). For example, Responsibility – using manipulatives to develop conceptual understanding, or Collaboration – working effectively in groups.

-   Establish and list students’ needs.

-   Identify, discuss, and list the teachers’ professional learning needs, (e.g., communicating clearly the instructions and success criteria for group work), using “Classroom Dynamics for Powerful Learning – Examined through Self Reflection.”

-   Discuss and list teachers’ interests regarding professional learning, (e.g., using the Interactive White Board as a tool for students to actively participate in the lesson).

-   Compare students’ needs, teachers’ professional learning needs, and teachers’ professional interests.

-   Identify teacher needs and interests that support directly the student needs.


  • Determine the resources needed to expand the teachers’ repertoire of strategies, (e.g., classroom management resources, eduGAINS resources, on-line resources, DI resources, colleagues).


  • Decide on the assessment instrument(s) to use for measuring improvement in student learning, based on specified learning skills.


  • Implement new classroom dynamics strategies, adjusting as needed, based on evidence gathered and in discussion with PLC colleagues.


  • Examine, analyze, and evaluate results to determine how the classroom dynamics strategies impacted on students’ achievement of curriculum expectations and their demonstration of learning skills.


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Hi Hani,

Thanks so much for submitting.  This proposal looks like it would be best suited for teachers, and this conference is focused on school administrators.  

Please feel free to revise for the appropriate audience and resubmit. 

Thank you!


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