This video below comes from the Google X Project

What are your thoughts on moonshot thinking and what are the implications for schools and preparing students to become those innovators. What is your school or district doing to prepare moonshot thinkers?




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We must change the thought process of our teachers from teaching material and lessons to motivating students thinking. Students allowed to think instead of just repeating will become the leaders in this area.

This is all about allowing kids to be creative and have no fear to make a mistake, (Sir Ken's stuff)

We have few teachers who really promote creative thinking and provide challenging activities to stimulate creative thinking.

Testing to find mistakes and point out errors in big RED ink destroys Moonshot Thinking.

Very interesting! Love when you make me think! We all know something has to be done to get access to EVERYONE! What a great, creative idea...My fear is that have NOT been preparing students to be moonshot thinkers, but I believe that Common Core is opening doors for us to do so! Less compliance, more THINKING, DREAMING, and CREATING.

Find your passion!

This is STEM! As we move more toward student selected projects, common core, and authentic assessment of learning I believe it will be the next step in our discussions.  At the lowest level this could begin the conversation on the difference between an activity and a project.

The Quality Digital Learning Study Committee to “establish and maintain the necessary infrastructure and bandwidth to sufficiently facilitate and deliver a quality digital learning environment in each school district and public charter school."

I believe that common core is helping us encourage educators to engage more in innovative thinking for our students.  Our district is investing in EAST programs for our students, as well as exploring blended/online learning initiatives.  We also have heavily invested in the Google kool-aid with teachers buying in to the resources google has to offer while exploring new ways of delivering instruction. Through these explorations, I feel, we are dynamically changing the way instruction is delivered and our students and teachers are developing into innovative thinkers in all aspects of their lives.

To be truly successful in Moonshot Thinking as a nation and a world population we have to be able to work together on a common lofty goal. One of our most daunting tasks in education it to prepare a new generation divided by partisanship to a new culture of compromise and unified effort.

We as educators can create a project-based environment where students of different ideas, beliefs, and goals work successfully on a "Moonshot" idea.  

Well said!I agree!

Schools are beginning to allow students to Bring Their Own Device (BYOD) and they are also venturing out on bandwidth. I think it is important to look beyond the impossible and make it possible. Implications that will arise with the schools will be cost and being able to let go with students and faculty. Social media has made it very complicated due to the fact students haven't been trained on what is and isn't appropriate. Schools have become responsible for student actions beyond the classroom and they are afraid!

Thoughts on the video:

Great video. We all know that this is worthwhile. My job is to find the best way to get support from upper administration and the community. This type of learning is very different.

At Westside Jonesboro we are rolling out Chromebooks 9-12 for a 1:1 setting. 

Moonshot thinking is the future.  We, as educators, have a responsibility to lead teachers and students in this direction.  If we are to survive and excel with CCSS, it is our necessary reality. 

The service center where I work is making strides with preschool teachers and students to infuse technology to aid children in the pursuit of moonshot thinking for their futures.

We are also leading a licensed group of teachers to become instructional technology integrationists, or technology coaches, so they can lead and support teachers in their schools to utilize technology as an everyday part of instruction.  Moonshot thinking would, logically, be a component part in that process.

College President Dr. Mohammad (San Jose State University) exhibits "Moonshot Thinking".  The following quotes are from him during a meeting in Sacramento California, September 2013.

"There are more cell phones in the world than toothbrushes."

"76% of the people in the world have electricity, 81% have access to mobile technology."

"Let's utilize technology as a weapon of mass instruction."

"We will get to the point, hopefully, where lectures will be abandoned."

Another good "Moonshot Thinking" quote comes from racing legend Mario Andretti:

"If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough."


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