OK guys and gals,
Time for me to upgrade. I am feeling like it's time to move off the PC platform and back to the Mac world. Please give me you thoughts both pro and con.

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How could you consider anything but a MAC, except for the money angle of course?? It has too many features (like imovie, ichat, iphoto, garage band.) They are so easy and fun to use. Also top support and repair records. I know there are pc programs you can't use, but just use virtual vista and parallels and go to the pc side when you need to--like for Adobe presenter or your bank accounts that only dowload to pc's. We also go over to the pc side on our mac mini attached to our HDTV to watch on demand Netflix. Netflix has a beta mac version I think, but we haven't tried it yet.
I love the Mac! Best thing I ever did! Three years ago my son bought a Mac laptop for college and was instantly (and permanently) converted. Now we both have Mac laptops and and I have an iMac at home. No glitches, easy to use applications, and wonderful possibilities. I especially love using the Mac with my photography. Easy and awesome!
I just love how the iPhone, iPod, and computer all works together seamlessly. Can't wait to get the Apple TV set up in the new house!

I would not have said it three years ago but now I am a Mac guy.  I switched to an iMac for my desk computer, have a Macbook Pro, a Macbook Air an iPad and an iPhone.  I rarely use any of the PC's in my house.  I don't know that I would go back to one, personally.  Now, for networking..the Mac is not as good in that area, unless you only have one person using the computer, and not the potential of hundreds using it.  (even with an Apple Server) - - - Even with those downfalls, the increase in price is well worth it.  It's hard to explain to people when they look at JUST the specs because you can get a Windows PC with the same "specs" for a much cheaper price, but in IMHO, the Mac is just BETTER.


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