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Kara Mac Donald, Associate Professor

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Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA USA

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Unsoon Won, Associate Professor

Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA USA

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Monterey, CA USA

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Teacher Education, Teacher Trainers, Online Course Development for Pre-Service & In-Service Teachers

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Innovating Teacher Training to Embrace Digital Learning

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With the growth of digital learning and technology in the classroom, pre-service and in-service teacher training must adapt their curricula and materials to specifically support teachers not only in using technology, but also in modeling effective use of technology in instruction.  This involves using technology, to guide instruction and to measure, evaluate and understand student learning through data-driven instructional methods. However, some teachers lack proficiency with technology, while others are proficiency users. So, o there is a need to differentiate instruction throughout training courses. Nonetheless, it is not only the teachers’ technology skills that can inhibit technology from being used effectively in classroom teaching, but also the ability of the teachers to adjust their role in digital learning environments. The presenters describe the redevelopment of existing pre-service and in-service teacher training courses within a large educational institution to incorporate digital learning and mobile technologies into the courses to instruct teachers on how to best utilize technology in foreign language teaching and to provide experiential learning opportunities that model effective use of technology in the classroom. The presenters will highlight the following adaptations addressed; i) designing relevant, challenging learning tasks that leverage the power of technology and mobile devices, ii) developing activities that focus on facilitation and collaboration strategies; iii) modeling instruction that support collaborative and independent learning; iv) addressing guidelines for copyright free and appropriate use of digital media and content, v) using digital technologies for assessment.

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