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We now can have BYOG 

My thoughts when it comes to individualized devices makes me think of the numerous possibilities of individualized instruction.  

The moral, cultural, and interpersonal implications are astounding. 

Amen on the interpersonal!  Gotta have that people contact!!!  We are moving so far away from it!

Using applications like Aurasma and YouTube with Google Glass for learning OMG.   I own my learning and it doesn't stop.  

First person video! Awesome!!

While I think it is a very interesting tool, we also have to think about where students can wear these- if they are in the halls, they can slip into the bathroom or locker room and with one wink everything it out there on the web.  This will just require us to think in a different way!

A whole new world! Easy access to information as it is needed!  I love the recording option and the things that can be done with that!

I think it will have to be restricted to a secure environment...without management it could threaten the right to privacy.

I think that Google Glass would be an awesome tool for principals doing CWTs.  It could give them access through Google Search to NETS, NCTM standands, CCSS, etc.

Hey guys.. Eyewear will be the future. That's all I saw at CES! Unbelievable, it is connected not only to the social scene, but to your health vitals, locations, and for the ladies they are designing glasses to be fashionable.

Hard to know without using one, but the commercials evoke lots of possibilities.
But the price-point makes it a tough sell for right now.

But...a Go Pro on your head, instant query for information,video student performance assessments without setup, staff development/coaching from a 1st person shooter POV, instant parent contact with video proof, teleprompter for presentations,always-on calendar,

What if...it had facial recognition so us old people don't have to run through the alphabet while trying to remember a name to go with a face, it could catalog and remember what I ate instead of writing it down all the time,could prompt the "right word" when the tip-of-the-tongue strikes,

But...now people talk to themselves with bluetooth earpieces, so we will be even more confused about what they are seeing and commenting on. "Are you talking to me or seeing me, or what?


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