How Data Systems & Reports Can Either Fight or Propagate the Data Analysis Error Epidemic, and How Educator Leaders Can Help

Your Name and Title: Jenny Grant Rankin, Chief Education and Research Officer


School or Organization Name: Northcentral University


Co-Presenter Name(s): N/A


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Southern California, United States of America


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): Educator Leaders (administrators, department chairs, etc.) and anyone using data and/or data system technology in K-12 School Districts


Short Session Description (one line): Evaluate your data system and/or data reports and identify research-based ways in which they can better assist the accuracy with which staff analyze data.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like): Most educators analyze student data in isolation and make flawed inferences, despite professional development benefits and the support of staff. This presentation provides insight into why this problem is occurring and sheds light on a source of support often overlooked: the data system, which plays a significant role in whether educators’ data-informed decisions are based on accurate interpretation of the data. Educators around the globe use varied data systems and data reports to facilitate their analyses of student data, and research from around the world is shedding growing light on steps data systems and data reports can adhere to (which are also steps educational leaders can ask them to adhere to) to improve educators’ accuracy when analyzing data, regardless of language or country. The presentation summarizes the international movement in data display research that demands more from data systems and reports in terms of design and analysis guidance, and outlines specific criteria educator leaders can use to ensure they and their data systems provide data to staff in ways that assist analysis accuracy and thus further other efforts in data-informed decision-making. The presenter is a former teacher, site administrator, district administrator, and Chief Education and Research Officer of Illuminate Education (data systems and ed. tech. company) whose dissertation relates to this topic.


Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: (to view the session recording) and (for presenter's website)


Bio: I am a former teacher, former site administrator, former district administrator, and former Chief Education and Research Officer of Illuminate Education (data systems).

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Jenny:  This looks fascinating.  It's not clear if you're still with Illuminate, but please be sure that your presentation is not promotional in any way.  Or help get Illuminate to be a sponsor! :)

Hi, Steve! Do I have the "green light" to present? I hope so; I'm very excited. Thanks! :-)

Hi, Steve; thanks so much! I no longer work at Illuminate Education (I am now working full-time on finishing my dissertation). The presentation is thus not promotional in any way (i.e., none of the screenshots are from Illuminate, Illuminate will never be mentioned unless someone asks where I used to work, etc.). I'd really love to present! :-)

Hi, Steve! Does this mean I have the "green light" to present? I hope so; I'm very excited. Thanks! :-)

How educator leaders can help...fight or propogate? Maybe how educator leaders can help mitigate? :-)

I only mention this because many a leader propogates due to either a lack of understanding or an excellent ability to spin. My hope is that the "help" is to be true to the factual evidence.

Am looking forward to this presentation!

Hi, Maureen!

Yep, the whole presentations and its recommendations are all research based. The propagating comes from lack of understanding (with so many responsibilities on educators' plates, I can understand how this happens). I hope to help with this! "See" you soon!

Yours truly,

Jenny :-)


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