I'm interested to learn how you manage hardware refreshes in your school districts as I work with my colleagues to reconfigure our methods of technology management, specifically surrounding hardware refreshes. I have some specific questions laid out if that's easiest for you, but ideally I'd love to have a brief conversation with anyone from another district that would share how you manage your refresh cycle (and how much it costs you!). I'm looking for comparative data to help us inform our planning and budgeting process.

 Guiding Questions:


1) What is your refresh cycle, if you have one? (e.g. 25% of the district's PCs are refreshed annually; 100% are refreshed every 4 years, etc.)

2) How much do you budget annually, if at all, for hardware refresh? What is your average cost per machine?

3) Do you standardize on Mac or PC, or do you refresh both?

4) Do you know your average student:PC ratio? Does your state/district have a mandated ratio?

5) How many students are in your school district?


Please reach out to me directly if you'd be willing to chat briefly via email. Thank you!


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Each teacher and administrator is issued a Mac laptop. Every four years the laptop is turned in for a new one.

School sites are on their own to refresh their technology, so you can imagine that it is based on money available rather than a calendarized plan. Recently we upgraded our lab of 32 computers, using Mac Minis and monitors from RAFT. Total cost was $600 for hardware and $59 for MS Office. We re-purposed the older computers since they are still very functional.

The district standardizes on Macs, but the tablet craze could change that.

Our mandated ratio according to our Tech Plan is 4ish:1.

We have 13,100 students.


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