Your Name and Title:
Jennifer D. Klein, Global Education Consultant and Speaker

School or Organization Name:
Principled Learning Strategies, the Kposowa Foundation, World Leadership School and TakingITGlobal

Co-Presenter Name(s):
Hindogbae Kposowa and Joseph Kposowa (Sierra Leone)

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Sierra Leone

Language in Which You Will Present:

Target Audience(s):
Global educators interested in learning about the values and vision of educational and community leaders in rural Bumpe, Sierra Leone, a region devastated during the civil war.

Short Session Description (one line):
Hear from school and community leaders in the rural community of Bumpe, Sierra Leone, as they explore their goals and challenges around education and change in this post-war region, particularly around human rights and policies which will protect the community's future.  

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):
The community of Bumpe, Sierra Leone, was once home to one of the most successful high schools in the southern region of the country—and the only high school which could offer graduates entry into the country’s university system.  Unfortunately, the school was among the “casualties of war” in Sierra Leone, and leaders have had to rebuild not only the school infrastrcture but also their broader community.  While challenges remain, Bumpe High School—and the community’s elementary schools—have forged forward with an inspiring vision for change and advancement, both in the classroom and the broader community.  The new vision includes the following goals, and this session will include leaders connecting live from Sierra Leone in order to explore how they hope to reach these goals (goals are in draft form and were written by Bumpe’s youngest leader and future chief Hindogbae Kposowa, who has been connecting his school with North American communities through the World Leadership School):

(a) What you want to do in life (e.g. How, When, Why and Where)
(b) Choosing subject areas and their relevance to the career.
(c) Expectations and responsibilities.
(d) Reference to prominent people and how their dreams where achieved.
(e) Following your talents and not friends.
(a) Meaning and Importance of Technology ( e.g. E-mails, Facebook, Skype etc)
(b) Advantages and Disadvantages of technology on Education/Health
(c) Testimonies of successes gained from technology
(a) Causes and effects of sexually transmitted diseases
(b) Disadvantages of Teenage Pregnancy on the Physical wellbeing, Economy, Society and Education
(c) Preventive measures
(d) Morals
(a) How to be a successful academic
(b) Impact of Education on Society, Economy, and Development
(c) Relationship between Education and Social Change
(d) Link between Education and International Relations and Politics
(e) Education is power
5.     HEALTH
(a) How to take care of the body and why
(b) Diet and physical exercise
(c) Health problems – precautions and cure
(d) Benefits of being healthy
(e) How to maintain relationship with those in pains or in severe illness
(f) Daily healthy practices
(g) Hazards of Alcohol and smoking
6.     PEACE
(a) Meaning and importance
(b) How to Prevent and resolve conflict - nationally and internationally
(c) Conflict and underdevelopment
(d) Peace and Development
(e) Hazards of conflict
(a) The relationship between Environment and Health
(b) How to keep the environment clean and its relevance
(c) Environmental hazards on climate change/global warming/nature
(d) Ways of preventing Environmental degradation 
(e) Relationship between Environment and Agriculture
(a) Usefulness of Agriculture
(b) Agriculture as a boost to Economy and a Nation`s backbone
(c) Guidelines to planting and harvesting
(a) How to develop and implement entrepreneurial and innovative skills
(b) Understanding Entrepreneurial and innovative skills
(c) Best practices
10.  LAW
(a) Meaning and importance
(b) Children and Women`s Right
(c) Ways of enforcing Law
(d) Relationship between Law and Peace
(e) International law and politics
(f) International best practices
(g) Crime and breach of Agreement

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